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Google AdWords for the First Time
The First Day

Now it begins in earnest. The first day with your Google AdWords account can be the
most painful. Many beginners start enthusiastically with their AdWords account,
enter a few keywords, see no immediate results and give up disappointed.
This book will protect you against this same disappointment.
For the novice, there are some difficulties at the beginning. It starts with the user
interface. The Google AdWords interface is quite simple to use, but only after you are
somewhat familiar with the account navigation. There are also several new terms to
learn, such as Ad Groups, cost-per-click, ROI, clickthrough and campaign
Even if beginners are able to get over these hurdles, more disappointments await: the
clickthrough rates are so low that Google turns off your ads because of little response,
the keywords you have selected are not queried, or your AdWords ads are not even
accepted by Google to begin with.
The two most important basic rules: be patient and don't panic!
You have already taken the most important step to AdWords success – you bought
this book. You are about to take the second most important step. Instead of skipping
over the beginning chapter, just read it. Congratulations, because if you do continue
as recommended, you will only find success with the tips and advice from this book!
You will find out next how to open an AdWords account and directly following, how
an AdWords campaign is structured. Take your time, because with this book at your
side you will quickly become familiar with the user interface and success will be

Opening an AdWords Account
Google offers excellent guides and step-by-step directions for opening an AdWords
account. It would be nothing more than a waste of space to print the guides out again.
Google also changes the appearance of its AdWords user interface sometimes and the
book would quickly become obsolete.
- Opening a new AdWords account is easy because Google asks you questions every
step of the way that you just need to answer. In just minutes, everything is done. Go
to the following website to open your AdWords account:
- This is a step-by-step guide to opening your Google AdWords account:
Tip: Do not open your AdWords account on a Friday or over the weekend. Otherwise,
it can take a few days for your account to be activated.
è This site offers you an easy-to-understand, comprehensive explanation of the user
interface for your AdWords account:
- "Managing Your Google AdWords Account: A Step-By-Step Guide" is a brochure
from Google in PDF format that very clearly describes the structure of your AdWords
- Answers to any questions you may have on this website:
If you are unfamiliar with any technical terms, check the Glossary .
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Please take your time getting familiar with the user interface for your AdWords

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